Friday, August 22, 2008

Antiques Roadshow

Back in March I discovered the Antiques Roadshow was coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan. You needed to apply online for tickets before April 25th and they would let you know by the end of May if you won tickets. The day after I applied online, I was working at the Antique store and was happy to share my excitement of the chance of winning tickets to the Antiques Roadshow with my friend and fellow antique dealer Bill. He of course went home that night and also eagerly applied online for the chance to win tickets to the Antiques Roadshow. Over ten thousand people applied for the chance to win two tickets to the Antiques Roadshow. May came and went and I did not win tickets to the Antiques Roadshow. But can you guess who did? BILL
After several months of taunting me he finally asked if I would like to go. Going to the Antiques Roadshow was a great experience. I really enjoyed seeing the "behind the scences" part of the show and how it all works.

You are allowed to take two items to the Antiques Roadshow
for a free apprasial.
We waited in line with our 2 items for apprasial for
3 hours before we even moved on to the live set area.

My first item was an original oil painting.

My second item was 14 original water color drawings of B-26 Bomber nose cone art done by the artist ( airplane mechanic )who also drew the art on the airplanes. These drawings created quite the buzz and I was able to talk with several different top appraisers from the show. The nose cone art was appraised at $300.00 each .

See a photo of this nose cone art drawing on the B-26 Bomber at

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