Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Greetings from Antique Living

Halloween is now the second largest commercial holiday behind Christmas with millions of different Halloween merchandise being mass produced every year. A hundred years ago this Halloween merchandise was not so common and some sought to protect their Halloween merchandise ideas. Here are some of the early Halloween patents. 

- A 1914 Dennison Crepe Panel by Clara L. Mead of Rahway, New Jersey

-A 1903 Jack O Lantern Helmet Halloween Patent

-A 1903 Toy Lantern Halloween Patent

-A Toy Jack-O-Lantern patented July 5, 1904.

-A 1903 Jack O Lantern Helmet Halloween Patent

-A 1902 Folding Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Patent.

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-all patent pictures found on the website

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