Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weight Watching through the Years

This is for all of us who every year try to make that same old New Years resolution to lose weight. 
January is almost gone and February is right around the corner. I wonder if I will ever stick with my New Years Resolution.We have all tried many diets with not the greatest results. I have discovered this is not just a modern day dilemma. The "remedy" for weight loss has tempted many of us consumers since the turn of the 20th century. Take a look at these absurd and hilarious weight loss advertisements through the years.

This AD is from the 1920's

This Ad from the 1920's is offering
a free solution only to fat men and women.

Another AD from the 1920's is suggesting I ask my
slender friends how to end it ?  

                                               The weight loss answer in 1940?  Bile Beans

Obesity Soap? 
I wish I could reduce my flesh as suggested every day in the shower.

If Sugar was the answer than I should be a size 2.

I guess I should have been eating my kids lunch all these years and not salads.

I must be damn cute.

This AD from a 1960's Vogue says I can cover up 
all my bulges with this girdle.

3 teaspoons of sugar in the morning would be much easier than sectioning a grapefruit.

Can anyone tell me what bakery sells these donuts?

Fortunately, this “easily swallowed,” “sanitized,” and “jar packed” product proved ineffective.

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